2018-1-30 Christopher Bolling, Co-Founder Vast Sky Leadership, San Francisco CA. 
I can’t recommend Ed and Chris highly enough.  Responsiveness, preparedness, fantastic delivery and an amazing catalog of supplemental material upon completion of the course.  I derived so much value from the course that it would be hard to delineate.  I feel very well prepared to utilize the assessments and deliver a high impact debrief.  While sometimes the delivery is fast-paced, it all comes together in a way that really prepared me to serve my clients very well.

2018-1-29 J Dunlap, Senior HR Business Partner
Overall, I was very impressed with this training. Ed and Chris were both well prepared and knowledgeable, and I love the tabbed and organized binder provided for training. It was an intensive training over 2 days, and I am excited about using this tool for leadership development and one-on-one coaching.

2018-1-11 Lori Auten, Focus Consulting Group
The EQ-i training surpassed my expectations and introduced me to an exciting new team and leadership development tool I will begin using immediately with my clients. Not only is the assessment a great starting point when working with clients, the tools and templates provided by Leadership Call provide a wealth of additional coaching resources.  Chris was so responsive and I especially appreciate her sending my CCE certificate so quickly. 

2017-12-22 Jonathan Silk Bridge 3 Solutions
The EQ-I certification workshop was an engaging and informative experience. Ed & Chris are clearly experts in the use of the EQ-i assessment and shared their experiences with us.  I am in the leader and talent development space and now feel better equipped to create and facilitate workshops as well as offer coaching on emotional intelligence to leaders and organizations as a result of this workshop. 

2017-12-12 Jackie Valent Lucca, MSHR, Director of People & Culture, Jacobus Energy INc. 
My experience training with Ed and Chris was fabulous. They taught the course in a manner to address each learning style and to set me up for success. The examples provided during class put the theory into real world application. They encouraged us to take what we learned and translate it into what will work best in our organizations and with our clients. I cannot recommend Ed and Chris enough

2017-12-12  L Marrs, HR Specialist 
It was a great workshop.  I think the small group size was conducive to the learning objects. The groups was small enough that you were able to make connections with most people and have an instant network of EQi certified professionals to call upon if needed. Chris was/is the ultimate professional and provided stellar customer service!  She too is also highly versed in the EQi and it was nice to have both her and Ed’s guidance.  I would absolutely recommend LeadershipCall to any colleagues needing certification. Ed and Chris make a great team!

2017-12-11 Tanya D. 
I was so pleased with my training experience through Leadership Call for the EQ-i 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments! Chris and Ed were so easy to work with and answered questions quickly from beginning to end. The registration process, pre-work phase, and finally the certification phase were all very well-thought out and I felt extremely prepared for the certification exam. I highly recommend this team as they make the virtual learning platform both effective and FUN!  I can honestly say this is the first virtual course that I have ever felt that way about.

2017-11-20 John P. Ranalletta, Senior Management Consultant / ADVISA
In the last 20 years, I have trained many managers in face-to-face workshops in small and large groups.  Keeping participants’ interest and conveying knowledge and value in person is a challenge.  It is more challenging to do so in online instruction sessions.  I was skeptical any instructor could keep me interested and involved for almost two full days; yet, Ed Hennessy did that during our workshop.  Anyone considering the online EI Workshop should make Leadership Call and the Hennessy's their first and best choice.

2017-10-30 Ron Cupples​ 
The training provided by Leadership Call was top notch.  Both Ed and Chris Hennessy did an excellent job ensuring all participants were prepared from a technical and logistical perspective weeks in advance of the scheduled training.  The training itself was interactive and engaging.  The follow-up and open offer to attend refresher training demonstrates the commitment they have to their clients.  Great course!

2017-10-06 Dr. Doni Landefeld, Owner/Coach, Metamorphosis Coaching, LLC
"Training provided by Ed and Chris was world-class. Information was engaging, thorough, ample time for application was incorporated, pace was just right and all the extra freebies are most welcome in building my practice. My confidence has been greatly enhanced with my new knowledge and I quickly gained a rather large contract to administer the EQi to a management team of 18 individuals. This is both validating and testament to my new found knowledge and skills and I thank Ed and Chris for empowering me! I plan on doing more training with Leadership Call and highly recommend their services."

2017-10-04 Crystal Miller, Public Health Director, WEDCO
Chris and Ed were extremely professional and easy to work with. The training provided a ton of information but the way it was presented made it easy to understand. There were real life examples worked through during this training to help us build the confidence to perform and deliver coaching/training to our clients. I would recommend Chris and Ed as trainers to anyone who is interested in becoming certified in EQ-i 2.0 and 360.

2017-09-26 Melia Stockham Ph.D.
This certification workshop was incredibly informative and engaging. Ed and Chris dedicated time to what matters: answering questions, addressing challenges, and practicing in meaningful ways. By the end of the session I felt prepared to administer assessments and feedback sessions with confidence! I'm excited to use the knowledge and skills Ed and Chris provided.

2017-09-19 John Moore, Corporate Training Manager, CITGO Petroleum Corp.

Emotional intelligence training will be an integral part of our team building and leadership development programs in 2018 and beyond. It is important that the people who will be administering the assessment and conducting subsequent debriefs are well trained. Leadership Call (Ed and Chris) did an excellent job fully explaining and demonstrating the product, the debrief sessions, and preparing us for the exam. They were patient and went out of their way to make sure that we all had a good grasp of the concepts. We intend to send more of our Training and Development staff to Leadership Call.

More Happy Clients !